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Please note that various age restrictions apply for the various military routes into flying. Also, the ability to absorb training and acquire new skills is more easily achieved at an early age and, although it varies for the individual, once past 30, students find it increasingly hard to cope with theĀ demands of ab-initio training.



All three of the UKs armed forces, the Royal Navy (The Fleet Air Arm), the Army (The Army Air Corps) and the Royal Air Force provide opportunities for a career as a pilot, with a wide variety of rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. This section of the website helps you decide which one of them you'd prefer to fly with.



Commercial Pilot

There are a wide and exciting variety of careers as a commercial pilot, flying both fixed wing and helicopters. They range from operating the biggest trans-global airliners to bush pilots flying single engine aeroplanes across Africa. This part of the site shows you how you could become one of them.



If you are thinking of a career as a commercial or service pilot, before going any further, it is strongly recommended that you consider taking a


Aspiring pilot trainees can receive high-quality, effective and proven testing with the Honourable Company of Air Pilots' Aptitude Assessment Scheme, conducted at RAF Cranwell by experienced (current and retired) commercial and military aircrew.

  • Pilots require rare and complex skills
  • Training them is one of the most costly regimes in the world and the need for efficient pre-selection is self-evident
  • The aim is to reveal candidatesā€™ trainability based on natural ability
  • Natural ability is synonymous with aptitude
  • Aircrew aptitude is the innate potential to develop high performance skills
  • Aptitude testing is the scientific measurement of human ability

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or go to the Career Matters section of the Air Pilots website.



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