So you want to be a pilot?



Images provided by Geoffrey Lee, Planefocus Limited and iStockPhoto.

So You Want To Be A Pilot (SYWTBAP)

This website is based on the original concept of a publication called ‘So You Want To Be A Pilot’ (SYWTBAP), that was first produced in 1992, written by Capt Ralph Kohn – a member of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators (GAPAN – now the Honourable Company of Air Pilots).  SYWTBAP was renewed and republished about every two or three years in booklet form prior to being produced as a CD version in 2010.  This was then updated annually until 2013 when this website was published to replace SYWTBAP, permitting much more current information to be made available in a timely manner and as changes in legislation and licencing etc are brought into effect.