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Military flying encompasses some of the most varied opportunities for the aspiring pilot. Fixed wing and rotary, fast jet to transport. From combat roles to search and rescue, land and sea – UK and internationally based. All of them vital roles in the defence of the UK and the UK’s commitments internationally, that the British military fulfil. The three branches comprising the Army Air Corps (AAC), Royal Navy (RN) and Royal Air Force (RAF), train and work closely together, share knowledge and facilities, even if the individual skills, tasks and roles are different.

All three Services require good academic qualifications and levels of fitness and health, as well as a commitment to the values and ethos that are at the core of the Services. We all marvel at the performance of the RAF’s Red Arrows, one of the world’s leading formation display teams. They are the public representation of the multiple skills and capability of military flying. If this is what excites you, read on.

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