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If you’ve read about some of the costs of flight training mentioned on this website you’ll have found that civilian aviation is an expensive business. However there are sponsorships and scholarships available that can help, that you may want to consider applying for to aid you on your way to becoming a pilot.

Below is a list of organisations that have recently sponsored pilot training. From year to year the application requirements and funding available change so you should contact each organisation for further information. If you meet the requirements then why not apply?


The full ATPL sponsorship of years gone by, seem to be few and far between. It is recognised that there is a global pilot shortage on the horizon and these policies may well change.  While a return to full sponsorship is unlikely, airlines may advertise other alternatives and so keeping up to date with the industry is vital via the aviation publications.

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Armed Forces – RAF, Royal Navy

The RAF offers sixth form (Year 12/13) scholarships to potential recruits as well as flying opportunities at university with the RAF University Air Squadrons.  The Royal Navy have similar scholarship schemes for sixth form & university.

Air Cadets

An air cadet attending their local Cadet Centre has the opportunity to gain air experience flying in aerobatic Grob Viking T1or motorgliding in Grob Vigilants.  There is also a training syllabus to train suitable cadets to fly solo in motor gliders and PPL scholarships to apply for.  Being an air cadet also develops other skills such as teamwork and leadership.

Contact your local SQN or visit for more details. Similar opportunities may exist if your school has a Combined Cadet Force (CCF). Some scholarships are available from the RAF Association

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Honourable Company of Air Pilots

The Company offers a range of full scholarships for PPL(A) and FI(R) each year as well as gliding scholarships.   Good luck! More details can be found on the main Company website:

Air League

The Air League offers a number of aviation scholarships.  These range from providing a full NPPL, 3-12 hours of training towards an NPPL, Gliding Scholarships and Engineering work experience placements. Details here:

Royal Aero Club Trust

The Royal Aero Club Trust offers a flying bursary of up to £1000 towards training.  They also offer a grant for computer flight simulator enthusiasts to experience flying a real aircraft.

Other Sponsorships

There are many other opportunities only a click or two away.  The Light Aircraft Association has a number of educational opportunities, including an NPPL Scholarship. Try Glen Stewart Flying Scholarships for a PPL. The British Women Pilots’ Association runs a scholarship, usually through the Air League. The British Gliding Association suggests a number of scholarship opportunities, detailed on the BGA Junior Gliding part of their site here.

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